What is the Shape Open?

The Shape Open is our annual exhibition of artwork by disabled and non-disabled artists created in response to a disability-centred theme. Held in high-profile spaces such as Bow Arts' Nunnery Gallery, Portobello Gallery, Yinka Shonibare's Guest Projects and our own pop-up galleries, The Open provides a space where disabled and non-disabled artists can discuss views and ideas about issues and topics which are often sidelined within artistic debate.

Unless all the voices of our culture are in the history of art, it’s not really a history of art—it’s a history of power

-- Guerrilla Girls

The next Open will take place in early 2018 - sign up to our e-newsletter at the very bottom of this page for news and updates.

Our aim is for the Shape Open to not only show excellent art, but also to open up dialogues around disability and to become the benchmark exhibition for accessibility. Through the Open, we aim to create opportunities, tackle discrimination and provide full inclusion and accessibility for all disabled artists and art audiences.

Why is that important?

Everyone has the right to freely participate in the cultural life of the community (and) to enjoy the arts

-- Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 27

Everyone should be able to access the arts, yet too many events, organisations, buildings and processes are inaccessible to disabled people. This exhibition can affect change by setting an example on accessibility within the arts, engaging the wider community in art, raising the profile of disabled artists and creating dialogue at the intersection of art, disability and access.

What will my money go towards?

  • Keeping the exhibition free for every to artist to apply to
  • Free delivery and return of artwork if selected
  • An increased access budget to accommodate artist and audience access requests, e.g. sign language interpreters

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Thank you!

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