More news from our new pop up gallery ...

This month we are going to spoil you with some of the art on display at our new Pop Up space in Westfield, Stratford.  Reactions to the gallery from old friends and new has been great, with bypassers being pleasantly surprised by this interruption to their shopping ...

Jack Haslam, Bear  Agnosia (2014) by Dene Leigh

Two Annas by Natalie Papamichael - 2008  Artauds Child, by Colin Hambrook

Works from left to right, beginning at the top:
  • 'Sitting Without Purpose' James Lake (banner image)
  • 'Bear' Jack Haslam
  • 'Agnosia (2014)' Dene Leigh
  • 'Two Annas' Natalie Papamichael
  • 'Artaud’s Child' Colin Hambrook