This workshop created the opportunity for the young people to learn photography skills and collaborate with peers and photographer Ben Fredericks. The students learnt new photography skills that they will use on a later project to make a photography calendar based round the borough Camden.

This project encouraged young people to enjoy and appreciate art, improve access to culture, raise awareness and increase participation whilst developing team work and communication skills. 

 "It was really well set up, had excellent content and all of you were brilliant at engaging our very challenging students. They all had a really good experience and A, A and B especially said how much they enjoyed it and were really over the moon. We really are very happy with your work and world welcome you back at any time to work with us again. Especially when we have moved into our new building for September 2014 – 2016" - Ashley Summercorn, Head of Art

This project enabled the students to work towards their Arts Award Bronze

Kindly funded by Big Lottery