Young People from ‘Dyspraxic Me’ group took part in a day long Scanography workshop with established artist Damien Robinson as part of Shape’s Inspiring Futures programme. The participants created a collaborative piece in response to objects that related to them in looking at Dyspraxia for Dyspraxic Awareness week, (12th – 18th October). Issues highlighted by participants included balance, coordination, time keeping and dexterity.

The scanography technique involves re-purposing outdated flatbed scanners as large format cameras. The time it takes for the scanner head to traverse the bed means the process can be used to great effect in capturing 3D objects, and workshops can provided a wealth of “still life” imagery.

Looking at the Dyspraxic Me’s responses on twitter, really highlight and underlined the meaning of the day: image of 9 photos of scanned objects framed in one frame

“Significant objects – shoes I cannot walk in.” 

“Significant objects – teased for not being able to tie his shoelaces.”

Kindly funded by Big Lottery Fund