Shape Open 2014 exhibiting artist Carly Jayne discusses the inspirations and motivations for her artwork. 

'The response of the limbic system within the brain when in a state of either fear or excitement is identical. This is where an individual makes a choice, and probably why I can’t stand roller-coasters. 

My work often sits somewhere in the middle of that choice. I am interested in exploring the boundaries of inhibition. I also often use humour as a route into the work - behind this, however, I intend to confront social categorisation and behaviour led by conditioned minds. We are all conditioned, myself included. Hopefully this will lead an audience to question the root of their own belief system, and in the process of making I am constantly questioning my own.

I am as interested in exploring the idea of physical limitations as I am about looking at the way we, as humans, restrict our behaviour as a direct response to our environment. 

The two works in the Shape gallery came about as a reaction to comments about my own physical limitations:

‘At least you get to sit down all day’

‘Oh, I would love to be able to relax at home instead of going to work’

‘No, don’t help, you just sit down and rest’

‘You’re drinking ALCOHOL? Is that allowed?’

I was intrigued as to the level of misunderstanding, occasional ignorance and misplaced good intentions. Both pieces of work are rather playful but, hopefully, equally confrontational. This collection of work has since expanded and I am currently developing further work with similar subject matter.'

Carly Jayne - Strangers

Image: Carly Jayne 'Strangers'