Jess Thom, co-founder of Touretteshero, has enjoyed nationwide success since her first solo show Backstage in Biscuitland, an Unlimited 2014 R&D. Shape takes a look at just some of the press coverage that Biscuitland received...

The Independent

Alice Jones 'Backstage in Biscuit Land, Pleasance Courtyard, review: Remarkable Tourette's-inspired comedy'.
6 August 2014

"The humour is black but it's also daft and uplifting, and in places, impossibly moving."

"At the start, Thom calls the show a “near impossible task”, but she pulls it off with chaotic, likeable flair. Like the best comedy, it makes you look at the world in a different way. Remarkable."

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Broadway Baby

Lottie Scaramanga 'Backstage in Biscuitland'
8 Aug 2014 

"The two performers seem to genuinely enjoy being there and delight in the positive reaction they receive. They complement each other perfectly. Alongside the humour there are serious moments with sincere messages, teaching us about pre-judgement and openness, disbanding some of the myths about Tourette’s syndrome. The tone of the performance is perfect: positive, uplifting, and at times incredibly moving."

"It was unlike anything I’ve ever seen, and not because of Thom’s Tourette’s. It was witty and energetic, well-paced, warm and relaxed. Most importantly it seemed fearless and essential - a show everyone should see." 

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The List

Eddie Harrison 'Backstage in Biscuitland'
12 August 2014

"Thom’s show is one of the most light-hearted and charming imaginable. Whether struggling to eat strawberries, playing I-Spy, taking part on a ‘fingers on the buzzards’ quiz, or recounting the difficulties she’s had attending other people’s shows, Thom is a fascinating raconteur, making a virtue of her own problems, and finding a universal appeal by articulating on behalf of a marginalized group."

"The joke is that Thom can’t help herself, and pulls the willing audience into the realms of the surreal with her. Thom is a delight to watch in this unexpected, inspiring glimpse into her weird and wonderful world."  

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Disability Arts Online

Wendy Young 'Unlimited 2014: Touretteshero and Captain Hotknives',
7 September 2014 

"Jessica Thom (aka Touretteshero) and Christopher Smith (aka Captain Hotknives) have formed the Bipolar Alliance and their manifesto grabbed us by the biscuit and entertained from start to finish."  

"Peppered (as in hot) with the odd bit of foul language, close your eyes and it could be the comedy half hour on 4Extra!  Not that you'd want to miss the spectacle of Touretteshero! Masked and dressed head to toe in blue and white with a nice touch of fringing on the sleeves – think Elvis in his Honolulu years. Captain played guitar and was a droll, wordy, funny, crunchy (baco) foil to our Hero."

"Get along any which way you can to see Jessica Thom.  A true superhero, she will save you with geranium bashing, penguin gangbangs or possibly something completely different!" 

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Disability Arts Online

Victoria Wright 'Unlimited 2014: Touretteshero: Backstage in Biscuit Land'.
13 September 2014

"Rude, a bit sweary, yet tender-hearted and immensely likeable, Thom is bit like a cross between Joan Rivers and Audrey Hepburn." 

"Tourettes, Thom realises, "is my power and not my problem"."

"Backstage in Biscuit Land is a joyful, warm and funny show. There aren’t many productions that can successfully link together a tree, a penguin, Mother Teresa, Oprah Winfrey and a toilet u-bend. If Monty Python ran disability awareness training with a feminist twist, this would be it. "If my show has one message", Thom concludes, it would be "never put an elephant in an envelope!" I might make that one my new life motto."

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Everything Theatre

Paul Testar
Backstage in Biscuit Land, Battersea Arts Centre – Review'

21 September 2014

"Backstage in Biscuit Land
 is a wonderful hour that is as much a lesson in the misconceptions associated with Tourette’s as it is a creative joy. Thom’s tics cause her to veer off script constantly but the show is so relaxed that this becomes a fun diversion rather than a careering meander everything theatre."
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Jess has also featured in articles in:
The Express 
What's On TV
Evening Standard
Channel 4 

She has featured on This Morning, has given a TED lecture, and is a Radio 4 continuity announcer.

The Tourettes Hero blog documents Jess's life with Tourettes, as well as her hilarious and bizarre tics.


You can see what all the hype is about by experiencing Backstage at Biscuitland for yourself!

Battersea Arts Centre
11 - 23 May | 8:30pm (No Show 18 May)

Price: 11 May | £10 (Preview)
12- 23 May | £15, £12 concs

More details here.

Backstage in Biscuitland was supported by Unlimited - find out more about Unlimited here, or visit the Unlimited website.

Image: Tourettes Hero. Image credit: Sam Robinson