Two Thousand items and a Million Viewers In Year One of Project – That’s part of our Project Year One Story.

We are building the National Disability Arts Collection and Archive, and approaching the end of year one of what our main funders HLF call ‘Project’: HLF funding covers the beginning, middle and end of our three-year project, but we are building our depth and reach so that there will not be an end to the success when we go live 2018, and beyond!

For now, the Project is three years of which HLF (and others) fund us, to get NDACA up and running as a unique heritage story: collecting the Golden Age heritage-story of the Disability Arts Movement.  And what a successful first year of project it has been: some 2000 works copied and taken in, pledged by many depositors, commentators, artists and partners - and their pledges have now been scanned, copied, preserved, stored, catalogued, and other things to make them ready for when we go live in 2018.   

But perhaps the greatest surprise-gain of all in this first year of project has been our social media impact – nearly One Million users, audiences, retweets and more.   A third of a million when we went live, a quarter of a million for our van-and-scan roadshow, where we visited partners and depositing artists, and so on.   From the extensive retweeting by Ed Vazey MP,  the Minister of Culture, to our own DAM activists tweeting & retweeting, we have spread our story across platforms in remarkable ways.    We have been on Culture24, BBC, HLF, ACE, The Wright Stuff, Huffington Post and a whole lot more, telling the unique story of our project and our gathering, copying, travelling around the country and saving much under threat heritage of the Disability Arts Movement and its Golden Age, when disabled people and their allies broke barriers, helped changed the law and made great art and culture about those fights.  

So, nearly a million more people know our heritage story, than did before we began Project Year One.   And nearly two thousand items are captured, being catalogued and being readied for their interpretation going live in 2018. And that’s not counting the growth of the NDACA Wing at Bucks, and other exciting aims we have in Project. 

This builds on the early vision of Shape Chief Executive, Tony Heaton OBE as seen below in the photograph speaking at the House of Lords NDACA Celebratory event in April this year,  which was attended by over 100 of our partners, artists, depositors, funders and other stakeholders and supporters.  So we met, captured and told the world our heritage story: Project is going well!  So watch this space for Year Two of Project, commencing July 2016.  #NDACA!

 Tony Heaton OBE at NDACA launch event, at House of Lords

Banner image - Lord Melvyn Bragg, NDACA’s keynote speaker at the NDACA celebratory event, House of Lords, April 2016

Insert image - Shape Chief Executive Tony Heaton OBE speaking at the event

Photography by Andy Barker