As part of Shape's Inspiring Futures programme, 'Creative Chats' was launched, offering schools the opportunity to hear from high achieving disabled guest speakers about their career paths in the Arts, Cultural and Creative Sectors.

Sessions are tailored to each school, designed to encourage and motivate pupils to think positively about future planning, to focus on ability and think more broadly about journeys. Speakers are recognised achievers who will draw on personal experiences to describe how they overcame challenges and barriers, and maximised the opportunities that comes with fulfilling potential. In this case, Kelly Knox was invited to speak to 32 students at Samuel Rhodes School.

Kelly Knox is a dedicated and passionate advocate for Diversity in Fashion. Over the course of her career she has worked hard to pave the way for others and, offer inspiration to those who need to develop confidence in the face of negative attitudes towards disability. Kelly shared her dedication with the young people. She talked about her journey as a creative, accomplishments to date and gave tips and advice.

Kelly followed her inspirational talk with a Q and A session. A smaller group of learners used the opportunity to ask Kelly about her career as an ambassador. By working with the smaller group Kelly helped to students to achieve a unit of their Arts Award Bronze
Throughout her visit Kelly raised awareness and gave young people the opportunity to ask questions and gain advice. As a result the school and students were incredibly happy with Kelly's visit.

Kindly funded by Big Lottery

Students from the Samuel Rhodes School sitting in a group

Students watching a presentation

A note from Kelly to the school saying "I hope you enjoyed my talk, keep smiling, love Kelly"