Shape's latest project with the Heritage Lottery Fund documents 40 years of disability arts in the UK

Great Britain In A Wheelchair by Tony HeatonNDACA – the National Disability Arts Collection And Archive - will preserve the rich heritage and story of the unique UK-based Disability Arts Movement; a phenomenal cultural moment when disabled people and their allies broke barriers, helped create changes in the law, and made great art and culture about those fights.

With a Heritage Lottery Fund grant of £853,600, plus additional support from Arts Council England and the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, Shape Arts will create a digital archive documenting the history of the Disability Arts Movement since its inception in the 1970s. The archive will, for the first time, catalogue over 1000 pieces of artwork, print and film footage created by disabled people to express and reflect on their experiences.

An interactive website and catalogue will be created along with a learning programme and touring exhibitions to help people explore the little-known history of this movement and its contribution to politics and demands for greater equality.

Baroness Jane Campbell, the NDACA Patron and doyen of the disability rights movement, says:

“This is exciting news and we are extremely pleased that HLF is funding the landmark National Disability Arts Collection And Archive: In these testing times for disabled people, when disability hate crime is on the increase; assisted-suicide pressures intensifying, and support services diminishing - there is no better time to show that great cultural revolution of the disability arts movement, which NDACA will record and which I am proud to have played a part in”.

Banner image: NDACA logo
Inset image: 'Great Britain From A Wheelchair' by Tony Heaton. 

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