About Revell

My Name is Revell Dixon, I’m 23 years old and I have a very strong passion for Media; I spent three years doing a Media course at college and love filming and editing my own videos which I then upload to my Youtube channel. I also play video games, badminton, football and chess.

I have previous work experience in the media industry. I helped out with filming for a talent singing show called Limelight UK, where young people had the opportunity to showcase their talent and perform on stage in front of a live audience. I also worked on Rev it up Project, about showcasing the gaming community in the UK. My aim was to raise awareness for gaming in general and I tried to give it as much exposure as possible. For this project, I helped organise gaming events in London and interviewed some well-known gaming professionals.

Revell volunteering at the Inspiring Futures stand.Revell volunteering at the Inspiring Futures stand.

I have been looking for work for the last two years, but the barrier that I usually face is not having enough information to know where I can go next or what I should be aiming for. I discovered Shape whilst taking part in a media programme run by A New Direction and Create Jobs last October.

When I checked their website, I found the Shape Youth Blog appealing, as well as the company vision, the art gallery in Stratford and the various ways that Shape were able to support me and other young disabled people. I was very interested in being a part of it.

My Experience at Shape

I was so lucky to be offered a one month placement with Shape. I had a great experience working on the Inspiring Futures project at Shape and I enjoyed every minute of it. Everyone was really supportive and friendly which made my overall experience even better.

Whenever I was stuck or confused about something, the team were there to help and point me in the right direction. I learnt new skills, met new people, took on new challenges and improved my communication skills; it was an enjoyable work placement. I found it especially fascinating to attend the Young Leaders Forum

Revell in the office during his work placement.Revell during his work placement.

Working at Shape has helped me to become more independent and develop my time management, communication, organisation and leadership skills. I’m now able to structure my time and manage my workload more effectively and would like to work for a company like Shape Arts in the future.

Moving Forward

Shape has definitely had a big impact on me; one of my biggest challenges was creating a newsletter which required me to find suitable jobs for young creatives on various different websites. It’s something that I have never really done before, but I developed some new skills and became better and faster at searching for job listings.

My future plans were to find a job in either media or the cultural industry and to build a successful career in a field that I was passionate about. My skills are based around video editing, filming, advertising, administration and presenting. I also have a good knowledge of any type of camera for filming, such as a DSLR Camera and computing packages including Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premiere Elements.

A month ago, I successfully found a job through Splash!, Shape’s newsletter for young disabled artists and creatives. I owe a lot to the strong encouragement and support from the team at Shape, which helped me to get my apprenticeship as a Production Assistant at the Lyric Theatre Hammersmith.

I will stay in contact with Shape by attending the Young Leaders Forum which is also a great opportunity to meet new people. I will also continue to pursue opportunities to gain more experience in the media industry to give myself better chances at becoming successful in my future career.

The young leaders pose for a group photo.The Young Leaders pose for a group photo.

If you are a young person interested in creative opportunities, visit our Inspiring Futures page to find out more on the services we offer here at Shape.


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Banner image: Revell (on the left of the picture) working at the Shape Gallery during the Mark Tamer residency.