Artist Rosalind Davis worked with 72 young people as part of Southbank's WHY? festival, where the artist and participants were asked to respond to the title:

'What makes a happy childhood?'

Thoughts from the artist and young people included the opportunity to play, explore and be curious, to connect with others and make supportive structures and networks, in turn giving them the power to shape their futures.

Turning this idea into a creative artistic expression with artist Rosalind, young people had the opportunity to transform everyday 2D materials into 3D structures to make a massive group sculpture collectively across the day.

In addition to the sculpture the young people contributed to a drawing by the artist with their own thoughts, memories, and ideas of what makes a happy childhood.  

young people with artist rosalind davis, Southbank WHY Festival 2014

We ran this workshop as part of our Big Lottery funded project, Inspiring Futures.