Drawing on the theme [ in ] visible, to be explored at the forthcoming Shape Open art competition at our gallery at Westfield Stratford, Sally has been exploring how disabled artists see the world and are sometimes seen as invisible themselves. As part of a recent drawing commission at the Shape Gallery, Sally drew people's feet as they passed or came into the gallery from a low perspective.

The thinking behind this is that we are never encouraged to look down or notice our surroundings from ground level. Art works are hung high in galleries and assume we are all six foot tall. And who sees work drawn from an alternative eye level?

Our challenge to participants was to 'Come and redress the balance and draw your own canvas. Draw what you see from ground level and up.'  And this they certainly did - around a hundred people took part throughout the day, bringing much colour and inspiration to our temporary hanging space with their canvases  - before taking them home for their next round of exhibiting!

Backed by the Mayor's office, Liberty is a free outdoor event showcasing the talents of deaf and disabled artists. This year it took place at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Stratford in conjunction with National Paralympic Day 2014.

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To find out more about Sally Booth's work, please follow this link: www.sallybooth.co.uk

To find out more about the Shape gallery, please follow this link:http://shapeartsgallery.tumblr.com/