Just two weeks into his residency at Spike Island, this year's Adam Reynolds Memorial Bursary winner, Aaron McPeake, has already filled his studio space with an assortment of tools, objects and 'works in progress'; piles of photographs, stacked slate boards, unfinished canvasses in varying shades of blue and yellow, Burmese singing bowls and bronze Kyi zis (gongs). Aaron, unsurprisingly, confesses to having a 'fetish for materials'.

His first artist talk, 'Many Methods, Many Readings' is an apt introduction to his practice, and explores some of the themes which run through this eclectic body of work.

Informed by a background in lighting for Theatre and Ballet, Aaron is interested in narratives. He invites his audience to create their own reading of his work through tantalising traces of people and objects that often lie just outside of frame. In a series of photographs taken in 2007 - 8, titles such as 'Untitled #0015' shed no light on ambiguous shadowy forms cast on the ground. In 'Translating Memories' personal artefacts are set in bell bronze and transformed into gongs which seem to embody some connection to the artist's life that is left hanging and open to our interpretation.

True to the residency and bursary brief Aaron is using his time and studio space to pursue his artistic practice without the pressure of producing a final exhibition and he has got off to a promising start.

There will be further opportunities to see Aaron's work develop over the course of the three month residency. Keep checking the Shape website for updates.