This Sunday the annual Liberty Festival will be showcasing a great line up of disabilty arts at the Olympic Park, Stratford.

Artist Rachel Gadsden will be premiering 'Shamal', her latest collaboration with visual artist Alan Parkinson's Architects of Air. This features the 'Arborica Luminarium', a newly designed inflatable structure, full of light and colour and inspired by Islamic architecture, which provides a luscious backdrop for Gadsden's multi-disciplinary performance. 

Rachel Gadsden's work is also currently on show at the Shape Gallery as part of the Ilham Exhibition, which explores the relationship between disability and Islamic Art, until 15 August 2015.

In the run up to Liberty, we are also hosting an exhibition about the UN Declaration of Human Rights - a performance of which will feature onstage in the Olympic Park on Sunday, when Graeae Theatre Company produce the performance 'Act of Memory' which explores human rights issues. 

Anniversary—an act of memory was a series of performances by artist Monica Ross, reciting, from memory, all 30 Articles from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This started as a solo performance but over time she invited other people to co-recite articles with her so it became 60 acts of solo, collective and multi-lingual recitations from memory of the entire Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The 60th performance happened two years ago at the United Nations, on the day that Monica Ross sadly died.  

The Declaration will be co-recited in as many languages as there are people who have different mother tongues. This includes British Sign Language with voice over (the entire event will be signed). 

If you are interested in participating in the project, please contact Rena Sodhi, who is producing the Act of Memory project for Graeae, at

More information about Act of Memory:

Copies of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in over 370 languages(including BSL and plain English) are here:

We look forward to seeing you - either in the gallery or in the park on Sunday, where we will have a stall. Come along and say hello whilst taking in the live music, installations and more.

To find out how to get to the gallery, please click on this link

Booking for this event has now closed.