Sabita Kumari-DassSabita Kumari-Dass is the Founding Director of Protégé DNA, a social enterprise that facilitates excluded young people to work with artists and experts to explore innovative approaches to test their re-engagement into learning.  Protégé works with creative, cultural and media partners to develop new and imaginative ways to address the impact of school exclusion, its link to other forms of exclusion and inter-generational under-attainment.

Protege was borne of a belief that every child not only matters but has something unique to offer our culture and civilisation.

Through an earlier, and partly simultaneous, career in public service broadcasting Sabita has witnessed first hand, through international film-making, the enormous disparities that exist in different cultures towards nurturing creativity and education as a universal right. Her conviction that solutions to educational exclusion like not just with teachers, but in all sectors, is a matter of winning hearts and minds, and a commitment to reversing the talent drain collectively. It is the journey to this personal utopia that fuels her drive to engage different sectors and experts from diverse disciplines to work together to increase the wellbeing of, and opportunities for disadvantaged young people.