Banner image: 'Onomatopoeia series #2' Drawing and Digital iPad Painting (2016)


Affiliation with Shape: Exhibitor at Shape Open 2012 and Shape Pop Up Gallery

Artist Statement

Andrew Cochrane made in Belfast 1987

Roams freely between sculptural and visual media, Known for his humorous and nostalgic tendencies, Cochrane’s work uses visual metaphors that encourages the audience to see life a bit differently.

Being deaf, Cochrane is not dis-abled as an artist. If anything, his art enables him to express his natural humour and curiosity for the world on an equal par to all others.

It is actually his deafness and experience living in a ‘visual world’ that enhances his ability to communicate visually.

Aesthetical - Expression - Humour - Nostalgia - Metaphorical - Curiosity - Communication - Miscommunication - Frustration - Provoke - Relief - Power - Playful - Political


'A Bigger Explosion' (After David Hockney) Digital iPad Collage (2016)

'Pardon?' Site Specific installation. 20 x 10 ft Nylon Ripstop and built in time controlled fan. (A work in progress - 2016)