Banner image: 'An Army of the Sick Can't Be Defeated' (2020) by Brothers Sick. Image courtesy of the artists.

Affiliation with Shape: Ezra and Noah contributed to the Shape Open 2020: The Future is Loading.

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Ezra Benus is a multidisciplinary artist, educator, and curator based in New York, USA. In his work, Ezra addresses a range of themes by drawing on his background in Jewish studies, art history, and disability, including: time, relationships of care, pain, and illness. For Ezra, the ‘Self’ is a site where political, social, and spiritual forces collide, as bodily knowledge and social models of normativity are untangled and extended to meet others’ experiences in tandem with his own.


Noah Benus, also based in New York, uses photography to explore people through the prism of their relationships; with each other, their environments, and with the camera itself. Noah’s work often reveals overlooked moments through alternative methods of portraiture, photojournalism, and studio works. Relying on both analog and digital formats, Noah seeks to educate and advocate for justice and accessibility.

An essay written by Ezra and Noah about their work and the themes of The Future is Loading is available in written text, spoken, and BSL formats.

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