Title: Leaded Light

Artist: Adam Reynolds

Year: c. 1990

Medium: Lead

Dimensions: 31cm (h) x 9cm (w) x 9cm (d)

A fake black lightbulb on a wire, amde from lead, hangs from a ceiling in front of a white wall.

This sculpture of a bulb, its light fitting and the twisted wire cable connected to it is cast in lead, directly from the original material of a light bulb and cable, rendering it life-size. It is to be exhibited fixed to a ceiling to mimic the position of a functioning light fitting.

The work plays with the meaning of leaded light, used from the Middle Ages to describe the means of making windows from small pieces of glass supported within lead 'frames'.

Adam Reynolds often discussed that his view of the world as a disabled person was literally different to that of non-disabled people; due to his posture, he looked upwards into corners of rooms and ceilings, at the places many people overlooked, thus considering them an interesting place to position sculpture through his subjective viewpoint.

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