Shape-supported role play game ECOPUNK 2044 places players in a futuristic, chaos-filled landscape brought about by climate collapse and political conflict. By donating to the project's Kickstarter campaign, you can secure yourself the game's Core Book and get involved with development. ECOPUNK's producer, Liam Hevey, tells us more below. Become a punk and fight the death spiral!

Banner image: Cityscape by Alex Jay Brady

What is ECOPUNK 2044?A digital illustration portrait of Liam. Bright pink shapes, which somewhat resemble lightning or electricity, shoot out of his glasses.

Liam: It’s a table top role play game (TTRPG) to inspire stories and activism about climate change produced with Arts Council England and Shape Arts support and out of my not for profit company, Dice Kapital. It’s an attempt to inject some left-wing punches into table top role play gaming. The world of TTRPGs can be quite reactionary and about destroying others. I wanted a game that talked about power and class and politics, to deal with and explore solving material issues, primarily that of climate change. Dice Kapital producing ECOPUNK 2044 aims toradicalise gaming, to create gaming that has some substance in the real world. That’s the origin of it.

Portrait of Liam (right) by Molly Redig

Can you tell us more about the game itself?

ECOPUNK 2044 is an environmentalist political sci-fi story set in the year 2044. Climate change is in full swing and it’s unleashed the monsters of famine, plague, and natural disasters. In that chaos, politics is about power again, not just trying to maintain the status quo. As players, the book provides the rules and lore to tell stories in that world - so you inhabit characters that confront that future.

It’s also about my dissatisfactions around art too, with how often the art world has a lack of critique of capitalism and its consequences for the environment. We don’t see or get shown alternatives to capitalist destruction enough. ECOPUNK is an attempt to say – fuck that! Here’s a culture and world that exists beyond our present.

Digital illustration showing a figure crouched, overlooking a warm-toned landscape through a large, panoramic window.

Heatwave by Sophie Rowan

There’s no timeline in which we can keep capitalism AND survive as a planet. So it’s also an attempt to say a fundamental shift in politics is coming. It's inescapable.

What is the market you are launching this Kickstarter campaign into?

The idea is to become a successful small press TTRPG group. There is a small but concentrated market that has arisen around or against the monolith that is Dungeons & Dragons, which dominates this market. I am aiming to become one of the smaller TTRPG producers and publishers working around that base.

Black and white digital illustration with cartoon-like aspects showing a group of futuristic fighters armed with guns.

Squad Photo by Zach Vaupen

What is the ECOPUNK 2044 book about?

It’s a book containing all the rules, tools, and artwork to immerse yourself into the setting and tell stories within it. It’s an illustrated book of around 300 pages with illustrations from over 40 radical and outsider artists from around the world. You get pages with rules, diagrams, and imagery, to help the player visualise the kind of story they’d be telling. ECOPUNK provides a narrative framework to help people understand their situations both politically and in the game. I am asking them to donate to the campaign by pre-ordering the book through the Kickstarter.

Black and white abstract illustration of 6 heads in a line each made of variously sized blobs and orbs. The fourth head is larger and foregrounded.

The Net by Andrew Garin

You can pre-order the ECOPUNK ‘Core Book,' which is the central book, and get it in digital or hardback. There’s also ways you can give a bit more to the campaign and get to participate in the game's development.

ECOPUNK is a way to tell stories that don’t ignore the future coming at you.

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The Kickstarter will end on October 29th.

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