Of all the events taking place, I choose to go and see “11 Million Reasons” however it wasn't what I expected at all. I will admit it was really good to see disabled people’s interpretations of the iconic scenes from popular films that we would all recognise. It did bring a few flash backs of when I was in school and me and a few friends used to have a competition to see who can re-enact film scenes properly - we all liked trying to do the Dirty Dancing lift, I did fail a few times though LOL! “11 Million Reasons” is on from 10am to 11pm so you have all day to grab the opportunity to go and see it.

To be quite honest, for what it was it was nice to see a different perspective of the films, instead of the originals that we're all used to. I didn't quite understand what the title stood for and so in my eyes it meant 11 million reasons for disabled people not give up and to keep aiming high.

Although “11 Million Reasons” only takes place for just less than an hour, I thought I may as well make a day of it while I was at the Southbank Centre, so then I went to a book launch: playwright Kaite O’Reilly in Conversation. Kaite has just brought out a book called “Atypical plays for Atypical actors” – I haven’t read it yet, but if anyone was interested in going to see her plays then I would suggest you do.

As I wanted to go to this at the last minute, I didn't have time to read what it was going to be about, however I found it very interesting to find out how Kaite got involved in acting, in both mainstream society and also disability arts. With this book launch she was explaining her story and her goals. Also, afterwards, people were able to ask her any questions about what she does to get a bit more of an insight into her journey, and she answered them all in detail.

After the day at Unlimited Festival I felt empowered to aim higher for different goals and expectations for myself. Because I went to the first day of this event, I would probably say that it is better to go a few days after as it’s on for a whole week. I felt like it was too busy for me and also not many of the staff were clear about where the events were, maybe this gets better further through the week; I might have to go again to find out, but other than this I felt this day was very informative.

This event was good to go to, because the majority of it is all in the same building and is very accessible, most of the shows are free, apart from some of the talks, and the most you’ll be paying is £20. So what are you waiting for? Go check it out for yourself.

To find out more about the Unlimited Festival at the Southank Centre please visit: www.unlimited.southbankcentre.co.uk, and discover new work by disabled artists.