As an artist, curator and writer, my work exists at the intersection of the visual arts, wellbeing and increasingly, technology. Site or context-specific interventions serve as a catalyst for a socially-engaged conversation and personal or communal exploration. Discussions, provide the core for the curation of public events, seminars and forums to specifically engage a non-art audience and explore the work in a wider context. This diversification and cross-pollination is integral to my overall practice. I have a particular interest in visual, object based arts and the lack of representation in the mainstream galleries and art world.

Prior to being an artist/curator I was a therapist for extremely traumatised children in the UK and New Zealand. I am an advocate for breaking the silence around, and challenging the stigma of, mental illness. 

My new project focuses around the dual crisis of climate change and wellbeing, funded by Unlimited see my work at

I am an aspiring Backwoodsman. I love the weather and everything about it, growing vegetables and baking bread. I am never happier than when chopping logs and stacking for the coming winter.

As an artist and curator I have worked nationally and internationally with partners such as Dundee Contemporary Arts, Newcastle University, WIP: Stockholm, The Tetley, DASH, New Media Scotland, ANAT (Australia), Watershed, Jadraas Art (Sweden), Pikene på Broen (Norway) and The Sick of the Fringe.