Various links and blog articles about self employment in the arts. 

Access Docs for Artists

Created by artists Leah Clements, Alice Hattrick and Lizzy Rose, Access Docs For Artists is a helpful guide on how to outline your access needs to any galleries/institutions/organisations when you start working with them on a project, to let them know what you need, what they need to facilitate and to make sure you have equal access to work.


Art Quest How To...

How to register as self-employed


If you are getting paid for work or selling art, it is a legal requirement to register as self-employed.  
But what does this mean?  This link outlines things you may need to know. 

How to go about registering as a business


This guide discusses the main points you should consider in the early stages of starting out as a self-employed art practitioner, designer or creative business.

British Library Business & IP Centre


Small business advice at the British Library

The Business & IP Centre was launched in 2006 with the aim to support businesses, entrepreneurs and inventors grow their organisations across a range of industries.

Providing small business advice, support and resources the Centre has been used by more than 350,000 individuals, a number that increases alongside our offering of business support. 

The success is partly due to the free business resources available to anyone who wants to use our comprehensive collection of databases and publications, as well as a great number of workshops, advice sessions and other events. 

Business & self employment info from gov.uk


A government resource for Information about starting up and running a business in the UK.

Business Survival Tooklit


The tools you need to help your creative business plan, adapt and grow.

Whether you are self-employed, run a small creative team, or manage a cultural business of two hundred people, this toolkit is for you. It offers hands-on tools to help with the big decisions arts, heritage and creative organisations make every day.

Looking to start up a new creative business? Wondering how to build a marketing strategy? Need help with governance or fundraising issues? This toolkit is here to help you act now.

Creative Choices articles

Being an arts entrepreneur


Sector Skills Assessment 


A creative passion is at the heart of every enterprise. Many entrepreneurs have developed their creative talents into successful businesses in the creative and cultural fields.

Starting a business


Our research shows that freelance and small businesses make up the majority of the creative industries, so this section is dedicated to helping you develop your business skills.

Transition to Freelance


Article on Creative Choices with tips on becoming a freelancer.

6 tips for creative start-ups


So you’re curious about the business of being creative and have decided to do something about it. Pete Mosley, advisor to creative people and businesses, has six pieces of advice.

Creative Review - Are you earning the right amount?


Blog: How does your pay measure up? Recruitment consultancy Major Players has conducted a creative industry salary survey on design and creative jobs, both permanent and freelance

Writers & Artists

Why should I register as self-employed?

If you are planning to undertake freelance work – namely where the person asking you to do the work expects you to pay your own Income Tax, National Insurance and usually to have your own insurance cover – then you should register as self-employed.  Click on the link to read more. 

Wright Hassal - Go to guide to starting a business


We have published a guide on starting a business. It covers company structures, people, premises, funding and legal advice.