Banner image: The body, what lies beneath. Description: A photo of a human figure designed in textile fabrics, against a white background. Sectioned up in pinks and reds like a butcher’s diagram, it is covered in embroidered words and images across different body parts. There is a combination of scars, flowers and medical equipment.

Latest Shape collaboration: Allie was a featured artist in 2022's Shape Open, In The Mirror

Artist Statement: Allie Watson is a Southend-based mixed media artist specialising in small paper collage, textiles, and print, with a particular passion for combining the three. She expressly uses creativity to deal with and tackle stigma relating to Complex Post Traumatic Stress and the barriers she faces as a disabled person.

A paper collage of a seaside funfair. Different rides are in bright purples and yellows, with the sea stretching out behind.

Collage by Allison Watson

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