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Affiliation with Shape: Exhibiting artist in Shape Open 2016 - My Life exhibition

Artist statement

Alice is an ageing (69) disabled (MS) artist.

Trained in Textile Art in London in the mid 1960’s, she now focuses her practice on mapping the deterioration of her body as a result of ageing and MS.  It is, however, essential that her decline is mirrored in the natural world, and depicted with beauty and humour.

Photography and video are favoured media, whilst selected photographic images are recreated as textile pieces.

Rubbish - Alice Dass

‘Rubbish!’ (2014), Digital Photograph 

Hair Today - Alice Dass

‘Hair Today’ (2016), Installation (Dodecahedron with photographic images and grey hair)

Exquiste Decline - Alice Dass

'Exquisite Decline’ (2013) Digital Photograph

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