Banner Image: Mezcal Heart, Catriona Faulkner. Description: A swirl of gold jewellery and beads intertwined with smaller read beads.

Latest Shape collaboration: Winner of the Shape Open 2019 exhibition 'In Circles', at Nunnery Gallery, London.

Artist Statement: Catriona Faulkner is a Kent-based artist living with a chronic pain condition after an industrial accident in 2000. She best describes herself as a collector-stitcher-maker.

From a textiles background, she has developed her own methods and techniques where she uses fine hand stitch and assemblage to create complex works of intricate detail. Often her work is configured from rusty nails, shrapnel from her medication and broken jewels.

She has been exhibiting for over 10 years in various galleries, exhibitions and group shows including the V&A Museum of Childhood, London Design Week, Guild of Designer Craftsmen and London Fashion Week, whilst regularly working with clients on commissions. Her work is also stocked in several boutiques and galleries.

Her practice reflects an ethos of what's around to create. The gems she finds enables a sense of the familiar to be reimagined, refashioned and presented in a new context and configuration. Inspiration is drawn from a melting pot of sources from religious reliquaries to themes of devotion and remembrance. She also embeds aspects of her own health condition. 

Catriona considers her work as ongoing therapy: a place where she can try and distract herself from the physical pain and intrusive thoughts, and immerse herself in her creative zone. Through the symbolic use of objects, Catriona explores the visual representation of pain, medication, PTSD, migraines and the layered aspects of her own health.

Having been featured in books, publications and various websites such as; The Art of Mankind, Vogue, Murze magazines and Reclaim magazine, she continues to exhibit and push her process forward, seeking opportunities to bring her work to a wider audience and grow creatively.

Artwork by Catriona Faulkner made up of jewels and shrapnel, with a doll's head in the centre.

Image credit: Catriona Faulkner. 

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