Banner Image: Helen Jones - Textile Archaeology (2011), installation view. Description: Two portrait tapestries are hung fron the ceiling in the middle of a room. Between them is a coiled sculpture on a white plinth.

Latest Shape collaboration: Winner of the 2018 Shape Open 'Collective Influence'

Artist Statement: My practice is informed by urban photography and relational encounters, where imagery and dialogue is collected in response to a question put to audiences. My research is a series of photographic observations in an urban impressionistic style, or a series of pop up encounters. This research embodies the spirit of the Flâneur forming a contemporary, yet culturally sensitive feminine mapping of the urban landscape and psyche. The results are then developed into ideas for multi-media sculpture, assemblages, photographs, prints, soft sculpture, hangings, collage and installations.

The cultural practices and icons of the feminine, and the ephemera and textiles of the domestic are my medium. I work with the medium of discarded textiles to produce my final pieces. I am interested in the process of deconstruction, wear, cultural notions of memory, and obsolescence imbued in the textiles. I explore the cultural associations of theses gathered elements, as archaeological evidence of culture.

We consume as a social or leisure activity. This reinforces our sense of identity and status within the world. Our sense of satisfaction or otherwise is massaged by media images. Sanctioned by the purveyors of taste and obsolescence that continually disrupt our sense of well-being, so we continue to consume. My final pieces are an exploration of identity and self in an ever shifting personal landscape where identity is the sum total of a variety of group affiliations that are inherited, developed or inflicted.

A person stands on an all white background with arms stretched towards the viewer. They are wearing a red shirt and blue jeans with a yellow fabric sash wrapped around them, and their had is obscured by more pieces of fabric in bright colours which h

Image: Helen Jones - from 'Stacked and Thrown Sculptures' series

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