Banner Image: 'Sweet Nothing' (Detail), (2015); Ceramic Figurine and Plaster. Description: A toy doll with a plaster over their mouth is close to the camera.

Latest Shape collaboration: Featured in the Shape Open 2012 & won the Shape Open 2016 exhibition.

Artist Statement: Kate Murdoch is an artist whose work reflects a fascination with the passage of time, the permanence of objects and the fragility of existence. It is human nature to surround ourselves with objects; they provide us with a sense of self and reveal our connections to the wider world. Often loaded with meaning, objects reflect both our internal emotional world and the external image we present to others. From the mundane to the meaningful, they are steeped in social and political history and part of our identity.

Murdoch works with found objects, images or materials taken from the everyday and mostly dating from the last century. These elements are modified, transformed or placed together so that they retain a sense of their original function, but also assume new meaning. Murdoch’s work employs an economy of means, a process of reduction that results in a restrained, formal aesthetic. Implied narratives are never fixed and allow for audience (re)interpretation. Often interactive in its display, Kate's work invites viewers to form their own associative memories, attachments and responses to her assemblages and installations, in some cases encouraging the handling of some of the actual objects presented.

End of the Season - Kate Murdoch
'End of the Season' (2014)

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