Banner Image: Drawn Out, 2013 - 2015. Dimensions: 1,000cm x 250cm. Materials: Pen on four rolls of paper that stretch across a large wall. A person stands at one end looking at the paper.

Latest Shape collaboration: Shape Open 2016 – My Life

Artist Statement: English artist Maxwell Rushton (born 1989), graduated from Leeds College of Art in 2012 with 1st Class Honours in Fine Art. Maxwell's distinct and diverse practice employs a wide range of media and covers a broad spectrum of themes; such as examining notions of the obsession and rejection of commercial culture, globalisation, psychoanalysis and homelessness.

In his work Buy In Bleed Out Maxwell commodified himself by painting twenty pints of his own blood into an epic-scale replica of his signature logo. From this, to his project Drawn Out, in which he filled four 10 meter rolls of paper with approximately 10 million hand drawn lines whilst living in isolation for 386 days, his "thought-provoking" (Huffington Post) work has begun to establish him in the art world.

Footage of Maxwell's sculpture Left Out (an artwork inspired by the volume of homelessness in London) has so far accumulated 2M views and 2.7K shares since he initially shared it, going 'viral' twice. The responses to this work have been passionate and positive, prompting emotive and heart felt discussions from across the world. In a recent article written by Arteviste Maxwell is said to have a

..."unique ability to both shock and move his audience."..

Maxwell recent solo exhibitions include MMX Gallery (London), West London Art Factory (London) and Cellar Shows (Leeds). His work has been shown in group exhibitions such as BCN Art (Barcelona), The Brick Lane Gallery (London) and Hoxton Basement (London).

Maxwell Rushton. Buy In Bleed Out, 2011 - 2015. Dimensions: 330cm x 200cm. Materials: 20 pints of the artist

Buy In Bleed Out, 2011 - 2015. Dimensions: 330cm x 200cm. Materials: 20 pints of the artist's blood on canvas.

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