Banner Image: Reality TV, Mixed Media Drawing (2013)


Affiliation with Shape: Shape Artist, Emerging Creatives Exhibition at Shape Gallery - Westfield, Stratford.

Artist Statement

Sculptor and illustrator, Michael Brown studied Sculpture at Edinburgh College of Art and since graduating in 2008, has continued to explore his passion for creating three-dimensional work, particularly ceramics, giving workshops to school students and exhibiting in local galleries. His sculptures ‘Honey I’m Doomed’ and ‘Sinking Feeling’ was shortlisted for the RA Summer exhibition (2011) and pre-selected for the Threadneedle Prize (2012). His sculptures, often inspired by both the spiritual and the mundane, transient aspects of life, and are closely informed by an abundance of illustrations.

 Michael Brown - Sinking Feeling

'Sinking Feeling' 2013; mixed media drawing (private collection)

‘The Proof of the Pudding’ 2015

I was lucky enough to meet Mr Perry during the filming of his documentary series ‘Who am I?’, when he and his camera crew came to visit Mary Hare school for the deaf. I work as an artist in residence at the school and was once a pupil there. This particular episode was to centre around Perry’s observations of a deaf family who in turn inspired a piece of his art. My own work, ‘The proof of the pudding’, came from an immediate thought I had upon observing Grayson Perry, who also has a hearing impairment, taking a rather long time to commit to his choice of dessert from the school’s canteen. I liked the thought of capturing this little detail about him, just as he sought out the details of others lives for his own art.

Michael Brown - The Proof of the Pudding

‘The Proof Of The Pudding’ 2015, ‘The Great Charters’ 2015 Crank Clay, Portland Stone and Marquetry

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