Owen Lowery is one of the artists and companies who have won 2017 Unlimited commissions.

A brand new series of poems dealing with the subject of transitions and transformations, which Owen Lowery will present in a series of readings, supported by film and music, plus theatrical interpretation. 

The shows will be an immersive and immediate experience for audiences aiming to include those who may have little or no previous experience of poetry, and disability, as well as those who are affected by these topics. 

Transitions will be explored from a personal, and a more objective and philosophical viewpoint. The subject of the collection is of great personal relevance to Owen as since, at the age of 18, he suffered a spinal injury in 1987 and became paralysed from the shoulders down and dependent on a ventilator to breathe.

Full information about Owen Lowery can be found on the Unlimited website: www.weareunlimited.org.uk/commission/transitions