Banner Image: Cropped detail from My Health, My Home, Your Rules - 2015. A triptych of three images. Left; A wheel leant against a bathroom wall. Middle; Birds eye view of a desk with a keyboard, phone and monitor. Right; A gap between two cushioned surfaces with a plastic medical tube.

Latest Shape collaboration: Shape Open 2016 – My Life

Artist Statement: Peter Mansell (aka anomiepete) is a photographer mainly working in digital imagery. Mansell also work with other mixed media like paint, lino and plastic.

Mansell sees his work as falling into two primary categories: images as experimentations in form and collections of images to create visual essays. The former are often just single compositions whereas the latter evoke meaning between series of images.

Mansell get inspiration from all sorts of subject matter but have most recently being working on the representation of the cultural experience of paralysis and disability and doing so by excluding the impaired body and wheelchairs from the frame as they can distort and dominate the discourse and blind the viewer to other aspects of the experience. The body of work that resulted from this is entitled Paralysis Unseen.

Mansell’s work has featured in undergraduate photography degree course materials, magazines and books and have just completed a Master’s degree in Fine Art MA at Camberwell College of Arts (University of Arts London).

Mansell also worked with other photographers and artists – a collaboration called ‘The [( 6 )]’. The SIX will be getting together in the autumn 2016 to explore the British city of Oxford. Their photographs will aim to explore time, place and society as they cross geographical boundaries to show autumn in Oxford (UK), in autumn in Oxford (CANADA, NS).

Kit - Peter Mansell

'Kit' - 2015. Photograph 


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