Banner image: 'Close to home' (details) accounts by older people in care are read to camera by care staff, video 28 mins (2007)


Affiliation with Shape:  One of the exhibiting artist in the Shape Open 2015/16 

Artist Statement

Sonja Zelić works across art forms, using image making, documentary, conversations, stories, creative writing, and research to explore relationships between the physical, social, and emotional environment. The use of repetition, pattern recognition and metaphorical thinking help her organise and make sense of the chaos and complexities of communication and experience.  

19 Princelet Street - Sonja Zelic '19 Princelet Street' site specific work, 3m x 12m purple silk screen floor reflecting ambient light from above, 19 Princelet Street, London E1 (1994)

She also devises, develops and delivers community based initiatives that respond to people, place and circumstance, that explore and seek to engender relationships between people, and between people and place ― working as an artist ‘on the ground’, in local communities where she has lived, worked, and studied. She has collaborated with a diverse range of artists and audiences ― with years' of expertise working in participatory and often also ― site-specific settings.

series - Sonja Zelic 'series' 16 mm B&W silent film installation, New Contemporaries 98 (1998)

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