Banner Image: 'Without my Walls' (2013). Description: A person is in mid-air bouncing on a white bouncy castle with simple net walls.

Latest Shape collaboration: Winner of the Shape Open 2014/15 exhibition.

Artist Statement: Carly Jayne work is born from A compulsion to quantify what it is to be human. A PROPORTION of this experience is a reflection OF THE relationship Carly have with her physical limitations.

Carly is interested in exploring the boundaries of inhibition and SELF control. This follows a deep questioning of where we draw the line in defining physicality.

When working with installation there is often a questionable invitation to interact it IS at this point that the viewer assumes responsibility for their own involvement. The work is NOT about participation, but the ability to question inherent and CONDITIONED restraints.

Carly interest lies in exploring the level a human operates when surrendering to unfamiliar physical or experiential exploration. It is within these moments that Carly believe a human has the ability to indulge the self in the present moment aligning physical momentum with a part of their inner self.

The work often takes inspiration from moments of emotional and physical instability. This juxtaposed with a sense of strength and recovery sparks a play between vulnerability and possibility.

The vulnerability in materiality is of great importance, whilst the work often manifests in a kinetic form, perpetuating the transient nature of these temporary structures.

Carly Jayne - Let Go

'Let Go' (2011) - Reclaimed timber, concrete, steel and paint

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