Banner image: A portrait-orientated painting on a white background. A pair of glasses is painted in bright red. The lens on the right has a stream of red dripping down from it.

Latest Shape collaboration: One of the exhibiting artists in our 2022 Shape Open 'In The Mirror'.

Artist Statement: Ellie Ora Page is a queer, disabled artist based in Manchester, UK. An experienced youth & mental health worker, she discovered a passion for making art whilst running various arts programmes in mental health settings. She has since run her own art ‘lack-of-movement,’ under the moniker Still Ill OK.

Page works with North West Hub for Artist Development and freelances as an accessibility consultant, artist, producer, designer & academic. She is a postgraduate researcher of social & alternative approaches to psychosis and is involved with the Hearing Voices Network. Page is also is one third of TRIAD³ C.I.C. – an intersectional studio focused on principles of remote collaboration & accessibility.

A portrait collage of a figure in black broached forward in motion. There are numbers across their body, similar to a paint-by-numbers drawing. The background is in three horizontal strips of pink and blue almost microscopic imagery.

'Trying to Find my Neurons' (ongoing series) by Ellie Ora Page

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