Banner image: A coloured pencil landscape drawing in red, green, blue and yellow. A tearful sketched face dominates the image with small objects such as beer cans or bottles surrounding it with phrases such as: ‘I don’t recognise myself in the mirror anymore’.

Latest Shape collaboration: Esther was a featured artist in 2022's Shape Open, In The Mirror 

Artist Statement: Esther Maltby is a visual artist and animator based in East Devon. Their practice is influenced by the complexities among the dislocating and transitional experiences of migration, bodily autonomy, loss, and neurodiversity.

Maltby primarily focuses on themes surrounding the exploration of space and the heartbreak that surrounds it, how we occupy and engage with it geophysically, and what it means to exist in the space of your own body. These dichotomies create ground for exploration using performative introspectiveness, examining home and belonging within an unrecognisable self-identity.

A coloured pencil landscape drawing in vivid reds, greens, oranges and pinks. Filling the drawing is a red bicycle with a pink bubbly figure standing behind it with their arms up. Around the bike is a big orange star with smaller green and yellow sta

'In the Park' by Esther Maltby

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