Banner Image: A mosaic-like collage of two images woven together in large squares. One image is a blue and white blur of wings or propellers turning in a blue sky and the other shows disrupted sections of a holiday photo of a man in swim shorts by sun loungers in a warm tropical setting.

Latest Shape collaboration: Funmi was one of the Shape Open 2021 exhibiting artists for the exhibition 'All Bound Together?'.

Artist Statement: Funmi Lijadu is a writer and collage artist highlighting stories that are less heard. She is invested in humanity, the histories that led to our present, and imagining better futures. A lot of her work is influenced by the experimental energy of surrealism. She currently attends The University of Edinburgh studying English Literature, in her final year. Funmi is also a digital journalist fascinated by culture, relationships, and social media trends.

A photo collage of the lower half of a man on decking or a boardwalk, disrupted so that the legs are separate, wearing a different colour of jeans to the other, and rips seeming to appear across the rest of his body and clothing.

'Tough Time' by Funmi Lijadu

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