Banner image: A portrait photograph of a terracotta plant pot with pink flowers growing out of it. The garden behind it is hazy and blurred. Bordering the two portrait edges are two stripes of bright green. Along the bottom of the image in white text is the closed captions that reads 'sizzling of food being cooked'.

Latest Shape collaboration: One of the exhibiting artists in our 2022 Shape Open 'In The Mirror'.

Artist Statement: Katie Luna Goldfinch is a queer, disabled artist based in South London, who recently graduated from University for the Creative Arts. Though their practice is primarily based around photography, they enjoy using experimental and mixed-media techniques as well. Their interest in finding ways to represent abstract concepts using visual art has evolved, and they are now particularly passionate about representing queer and disabled joy in their work.

A portrait photograph of a person

Still from 'It's A Jungle Out There' by Katie Luna Goldfinch

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