Banner Image: A black portrait cork board painted black is covered in bronze coloured blobs, each decorated with white circles and dots. There are also larger white dots in between the bronze blobs. The artwork is full to the edge of the cork board with these shapes and dots.

Latest Shape collaboration: Mote was part of the 2021 Shape Open 2021, with the exhibition All Bound Together?

Artist Statement: Trained in Cultural Anthropology and Visual Art, Mote Scherr’s work is informed by subject matters such as isolation, alienation, as well as intersecting experiences of feeling both outside and inside, part of and excluded from particular social spheres and systems.

To her, a repeating theme and decisive motif to create is the attempt to find a means to deal with depersonalisation, anxiety, and dissociative states of the mind. In her anthropological work, she further investigates the societal and personal implications of culturally transmitted binary thinking patterns and constructed divisions between the “normal” and “abnormal”, the “mad” and the “sane,” as well as the discursive practice of “Othering.”

The merging of the theoretical and abstract with the artistic and personal is a characterising feature of her entire practice, encompassing a spectrum of not only words and text, but a range of artistic methods, materials, and media. In her most recent visual work, however, experiments with printmaking, typography, and paper-cuts stand at the fore as is the limitation to small-scale formats.

A square black and white linocut print, contained in a blank white border depicts a cup sat on a flat surface filled with liquid tilted and balanced to the right. Inside the cup the liquid produces a wave. Around the cup are thin black lines pointing

'Uncertainty' by Mote Scherr

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