Banner Image: White plush objects similar to corner sofas sit stacked and intersected,3 levels high. The background is empty and it is surrounded by translucent squiggly lines and bubbles. In the sofa wedge sits a collection of these tubes and a yellow glowing tangle of tubes. A purple glow emanates beneath each sofa-like level.

Latest Shape collaboration: Natalee was one of our Shape Open 2021 artists in the exhibition 'All Bound Together?'.

Artist Statement: Natalee Decker is a Chicago-born, Los Angeles-based artist currently pursuing an undergraduate degree at University of California, Los Angeles in Design, Media Arts, and Disability Studies. Her work engages the intersections of disability, technology, crip fantasy, and scarred memories. Natalee is queer, disabled, and white.

Arranged in a horizontal cross-like shape are 14 iridescent office blinds standing upright. Three large iridescent bubbles sit behind these blinds and long wavy translucent tubes weave in and out of all of these objects. In the bottom left is a darke

'Bubble' by Natalee Decker

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