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Latest Shape collaboration: Rach was one of our Shape Open 2021 artists in the exhibition 'All Bound Together?'.

Artist Statement: “There is invisible disability, impairment, not immediately apparent, but impactful nevertheless.” Rach’s practice is semi-autobiographical, exploring her experiences as a former circus performer and climbing teacher, now living with invisible disability.

Rach’s use of materials reflects how even the most invisible disability, or perfect specimen, when under scrutiny, can expose the fragility, flaws, and strengths of being human.

The complexity of life is ever changing and unpredictable and reflects this through the use of raw clay, mainly Parian unglazed, with broken and damaged pieces allowing the clay to transform and move during firing. The process of clay’s transformation documents physical and emotional journeys, with the emphasis of fragility, balance, change, movement, flow, strength, and just as importantly, community and the collective; for we are not alone.

Rach’s video and audio composition also reflects this outlook, with dynamic emphasis on the new and present, expanding into a vast range of personal expression gathered over some 40 years of practice.

“I believe the importance of using diverse and shifting media to empathically express my conscious awareness of, and towards, the world.”

A close up image of different coloured clothes stacked next to eachother.

A still from Rach's film 'I look at what's real what's not'

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