Banner image: A painting of a woman with long wavy dark hair standing beside a tall flowering plant on a block orange background. The woman wears a yellow and brown dress with a small pendant necklace. The plant stands straight in a green plant pot. It has short leaves and rust coloured petals.

Latest Shape collaboration: Shape Open 2021 artist in the exhibition 'All Bound Together?'.

Artist Statement: Robin Smith is an accomplished painter who creates stylised figurative portraits with layers of bold vivid colours. Robin’s most recent work focuses predominantly on female portraits created out of bold, abstract shapes. Robin applies his intuitive painterly techniques by building up form and colour to shape the figure and background. His portrait subjects originate from multiple sources: many are women Robin knows, including his carers, ActionSpace staff and fellow artists. Other subjects are imagined or inspired by brief encounters.

Robin has been working at ActionSpace’s South London studio since 2015. Established in the 1960s, ActionSpace is London’s leading artist development agency, specialising in supporting neurodivergent artists to pursue professional careers in the contemporary visual arts.

A portrait painting of a female figure with long wavy brown hair standing tall. They wear a dress in autumn shades, with arms much paler than her face, which is shaded yellow. The background is split in two, with a blue upper half and pale lower half.

'Lady with Brown Hair' by Robin Smith

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