Banner Image: A film still shot in black and white, with soft greys filling the screen. A middle aged woman with short hair, positioned close to the camera. Their eyes are just out of the camera’s view, bringing the viewer lower down, to be faced with their mouth. The person sharply opens their mouth and screams, with their mouth wide open to show their teeth.

Latest Shape collaboration: Sally was a selected artist for the Shape Open 2022 exhibition, In The Mirror.

Artist Statement: Sally Brighten is a Norwich-born, Norfolk-based artist. Having studied for a BA in Fine Art, Brighten’s work to date explores themes including identity, the use of words and language, and the challenges of expressing and articulating ideas relating to neurodivergence, set against her broader fascination with liminal spaces. 

Through not-knowing and the use of explorative processes, including performance, sound, poetry, film, photography, and print, Brighten seeks to understand and question the ‘self’ and others, the world, our nature, and how we make connections.

A set of four black and white photographs arranged in a square of white card. In each photo a mirror is held up to the side of a woman’s face, so that her reflection, which is shown in the image, appears to look towards us or away in relation to the mirror.

Mask and Mirror by Sally Brighten

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