Banner image: A drawing in a yellow square stands five figures and a dog with screens instead of heads. Three floating eyes in opposite corners look at the figures. Thick dotted black lines connect them and follow the eye’s gaze. Blue shapes contain the line drawing and a white background frames the drawing.

Latest Shape collaboration: Sarah was one of the artists for the Shape Open 2021 in the exhibition 'All Bound Together?'.

Artist Statement: Sarah Yu Zeebroek was thrown into this world on a stationary boat at the border of the sea. Life wasn’t easy as the daughter of an Ostend fisherman and a Chinese refugee mother fish. Every day could be a storm. Making her first drawings in the wet sand, Sarah didn’t need much time to discover the magic of creating. There on that shore, she learned one of her most important lessons in life. Every night, waves would wipe out her drawings. Sarah understood that every work was only a moment captured in time, and nothing was everlasting.

At the age of 18, Sarah left her nest and flew to Amsterdam and took courses at the Rietveld Academy. After two years, leaving the Dutch waters and returning to Belgium as a full-grown fisherwoman, she finished high school in Ghent at the illustration faculty of LUCA School of Arts. Next to painting and drawing, music is another passion. She plays in a band called Hong Kong Dong, where she can sing fisherman’s songs as much as she likes.

A portrait drawing in a yellow rectangle of a spiked round object with an eye and legs is sitting on an unravelled toilet roll next to a green cactus shape. Two black lines point away from the legs. A white background frames the drawing.

'Keep Your Distance Kleiner' by Sarah Yu Zeebroek

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