Banner image: Multiple faces with different appearances are contained in thick red circles outlined in black. Each of these circles have lines connecting the circles with arrows pointing in various directions. In thick black writing below the faces reads: 'Network. Constantly.'

Latest Shape collaboration: Steven was one of the artists for the Shape Open 2021 in the exhibition 'All Bound Together?'.

Artist Statement: Steven is an animator, artist, and writer who creates short films, comics, zines, performances, and installations. He makes inventive use of animation, illustration, puppetry, and kinetic art to present unique and interesting stories. Steven identifies as queer and autistic.

His animation and performance work has been screened and staged at international film and arts festivals. Steven also regularly attends comic and zine fests where he presents his comic books and zines. The topics he covers include queerness, identity, autism, and neurodiversity.

A twenty page downloadable PDF zine titled DELAY. In black pen the outline of the torso of a person wearing a plain t-shirt fills the white page and contains the title of the zine. It reads: “DELAY. A queer love story in a zine. Delay is a performance in a zine. It is designed for adults who live with autism. But it can be enjoyed by anyone. Created by Steven Fraser.”

Extract from 'Delay' by Steven Fraser

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