Banner image: An image still of a screen that contains two live feeds. On the left is a webcam view of a person's head with pale blue hair. They wear a face mask. On the right is a live feed of the person in thermal imagery. A blurred outline of a head with in vivid blues, yellows and greens. '37.7 degrees' is printed on top of this image. Central to the image is a chinese phrase that has not been translated.

Latest Shape collaboration: Yo-Yo was one of the artists for the Shape Open 2021 in the exhibition 'All Bound Together?'.

Artist Statement: As an interdisciplinary artist, a lot of Yo-Yo’s recent work has been about finding language for complex experiences, often dealing with experiences of illness and trauma. In difficult experiences one often loses language as a form of survival response, and so Yo-Yo has been navigating bringing language to experiences of illness and disability, especially as an Asian American immigrant.

“Culturally it seems Asians don’t like talking about our pain, my family included, so there’s been a lot of self-erasure there. I’m realising more and more that the experience of growing up in diaspora and within American culture is also a kind of trauma itself, and I think there have been many experiences that have been invisibilised, not necessarily always through self-censoring but also fundamentally through loss of language.”

Knowing the many ways language shapes and literally creates the way we think and perceive the world and our experiences within it, how do we carve out space for language that will honour the multi-dimensionality of our experiences, that would be healing for us and our communities, across generations?

A view out of a plane at sunset or sunrise. Light is low in the sky and there is an outline of the left wing of the plane. There are clouds below across the sky. Yellow subtitles read:

Still from the film 'Re:collections / 再次·回顧' by Yo-Yo Lin

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