Banner image: A brightly coloured portrait painting containing intricate imagery of foetuses, roots, and fish. In the centre is a detached head rooted into the ground below. Above the head sits a pink arch that reads: “impossibility of being inside the brain of someone living”.

Latest Shape collaboration: Yvonne was one of the artists for the Shape Open 2021 in the exhibition 'All Bound Together?'.

Artist Statement: Yvonne attended Brighton School of Art and the Slade School of Art in the Sixties. She lectured at Wolverhampton College of Art but at the end of her first year her father died causing her to have a serious nervous breakdown. After her recovery she created MABS, a clothes design business. After eleven years and the birth of her first son in 1979, she closed MABS, and returned to painting.

While at the Slade she had been influenced by American Minimalism. By the 1980s, Photorealism was on the scene. She had lost all her connections to the esoteric painting practised at the Slade.  She was no Photorealist but it helped ease her way to figurative painting.

Around 2000, Yvonne began a series of paintings dealing with her nervous breakdown. She painted a series of eight paintings accompanied by a text. She exhibited them in London, Oxford, and Edinburgh. After painting this series, she continued painting with a personal theme dealing with the human condition, but eventually no longer being able to make and paint large canvases due to her severe lifelong Rheumatoid Arthritis, she settled on smaller works on ready-made canvases.

A brightly coloured portrait painting that has a large bell jar in the centre. A baby sits inside the bell jar holding onto a chain. Behind the jar is a blue sea and starry sky covered in intricate patterns.

'Inside the Bell Jar' by Yvonne Mabs Francis

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