Events include:
  • Exhibition by professional visual artists at the Pump Rooms Gallery. Including Eddy Hardy, Nancy Willis, Hugh Huddy, Tanya Raabe, Peter Kiddle, Colin Marsh, Christine Robertson, Jenni Meredith
  • Determinable Barriers - Anne Whitehurst works alongside film-maker Alan McClean, actor Tony Mustoe and artist and critic Paul Darke to explore the unwritten history of disabled people.
  • Short film and video festival (touring Warwickshire)
  • 26 May - 26 June - a month-long film festival every Friday evening. Starts with seminar with Paul Darke and hopes to invite Steven Dwoskin to talk about his films.
  • New play by Simon Grenville in the Jephson Gardens
  • A survivors poetry and music event organised by South Warwickshire User forum
  • A cabaret evening
  • A poetry slam
25 May - launch at Warwick Arts Centre with:
  • Caroline Parker
  • Robin Surgeoner
  • Mat Fraser
  • Paul Darke
  • Excerpt from Opera of Hope commissioned for the festival from Afrikan Kutural Kontractors.