Working with learning disabled people

Read some top tips engaging with learning disabled people in and through employments


Author: Jeff Rowlings

Reflections on the Disability Arts Movement

Curator and writer Linda Rocco interviewed Tony Heaton OBE, David Hevey and Jo Verrent, for their thoughts on the legacy of disabled people’s art and activism in the UK.


Author: Niamh Hall

Disability Equality Training

Improve how your organisation works with disabled people, and become more diverse and inclusive as a result


Author: Jeff Rowlings

Breaking the barriers to creative excellence

Find out about Shape's philosophy, guiding aims and principles


Author: Jeff Rowlings

Resources ...

  • An Accessible Arts Marketing Guide

    How to ensure accessibility is met at every stage of your marketing Read more

  • How to Put On an Accessible Exhibition

    A short guide for curators, programmers and exhibition organisers on ensuring that the exhibition you’re putting on is accessible and inclusive of disabled people Read more

  • Mental Health Tips for Arts Workers

    The Shape team offer their best tips for caring for your mental health when you work in the arts Read more

  • Social Model of Disability

    What do we actually mean by 'disabled'? Why do we say 'disability' and 'disabled' instead of 'diffability', 'differently-abled', 'special' or 'different'? What are disabling barriers? Read more