At Cheltenham Town Hall.

  • MCs Julie McNamara and Mat Fraser
  • Comedy: David Roche, Elizabeth Navratil, Philip Patson, Alan Shain
  • Dance: Sidiki Dance Collective 
  • Music: Tan Yue Lian Gilbert, Paul Whittaker
  • Poetry: Allan Sutherland (conference poet) and Julie McNamara 
  • Theatre: Interact Centre, Mat Fraser, TOPS Theatre Group, The Nasty Girls
  • Film: Frida Kahlo's Corset by Liz Crow
  • Symposiums: 'Art and Power', a session for networking between artists with learning disabilities; 'The Language of Diversity'
  • Presentations: Graeae's 'Missing Piece', Cathy Woolley 'Deaf Art Escapes'
  • Visual Art: Penny Goater, Juliet Prentice, Mark Annis