BFI, London. Disabled artist Nancy Willis is in search of a home for her much loved, but aging car - the Elswick Envoy. This unique small car was designed to be driven directly from a wheelchair. Launched in the early 1980's only two hundred were ever made. Nancy's distinctive red version is one of the last survivors of this rare breed. As she prepares to take possession of an ultramodern adapted Renault, Nancy sets out on a mission to ensure that her Elswick will not vanish without trace from motoring history. In this personal road movie, Nancy can see her own struggle for continuing mobility mirrored in the increasingly unreliable performance of her battered old car. This witty and moving film is a fitting tribute and final farewell to a distinguished old friend.

Director: Nancy Willis

Writer: Nancy Willis (commentary)

Stars: Tony Heaton, Martha Leskard and Lord Montagu of Beaulieu.